Through individual consultations and thoughtful, professional writing, Fran can help you to define, articulate, and elevate the spirit and purpose of your work.

Individual Consultation

Define the meaning of your work and develop your craft.

With an individualized consultation, Fran will work with you to understand the process, materials, and content of your work.

Statement Writing Course

Articulate your purpose and process.

Take part in a series of guided exercises designed to help you craft an artist statement that succinctly expresses the spirit of your work.

Writing Services

Support your artistic profile with professional writing & critiques.

Fran offers writing services for professional assets such as proposals, gallery text, and news releases; as well as critical analyses and book-length essays on your art.

Curation Services

Thoughtfully curate your next exhibit.

Work with Fran to have your next show professionally curated, bringing detail to your exhibition and a deeper experience for your audience.

Photo Credit: Mandy Catoe
Student Testimonials

Your writing is wonderful.

"Your writing is wonderful. You have the gift of verbally bringing to life an artist's work."

Rosemary Furia
Student Testimonials

The most important advancement in my understanding of why I paint what I do.

"…during my time working with Fran on my book Beau Wild: Between The Seen & The Unseen, my consultation with her was the single most important advancement in my understanding of why I paint what I do."

Beau Wild
Student Testimonials

An honest, in-depth assessment of your body of work.

"Our statement session forced me to take a long, hard and very honest look at what my work is about. It’s not about liking your work. It’s not about the green splotch on the right corner. Fran’s intensive process will guide you to make an honest, in-depth assessment of your body of work. Stick with it and you’ll learn more about yourself, and consequently, what your art is about."

Lisa Stroud
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