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Artist Retreats

Fran Gardner's artist retreats make space for thoughtful discussion, bold experimentation, and transformative insights that will strengthen your craft and clarify your creative intent, regardless of your skill level or medium.

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Week-long Retreats

Personalized artistic guidance in a supportive group environment.

Through supportive critique sessions and private one-on-ones with Fran, you’ll identify new, exciting paths for your work in community with other artists of all experience levels and mediums.

Take your practice to the next level.

Feed your creativity and supercharge your technique at artist retreats that further your skillset and invite you to deeply explore your art-making with Fran as your guide.

All skill levels welcome

Support for artists of all abilities, whether they’re devoted hobbyists or established professionals.

Insightful group critique

Explore your artistic message with guided critiques from a supportive, non-judgmental group of your peers.

Expert instruction

Hone your technique with help from a working artist with 30+ years of teaching experience.

Welcoming atmosphere

Connect with a broader community of artists aiming to take their work to deeper levels.

Personalized guidance

Set long-term creative goals and clarify your artistic intent through one-on-one sessions with Fran.

Professional support

Learn how to craft impactful artist statements and other materials for grant applications and more.

Student Testimonials

We took turns being the teacher and the student.

"At this retreat, there was a trinity: artists, strong women, and a shared learning experience. We took turns being the teacher and the student. With the hallmark of a skilled and confident facilitator, Fran allowed this to happen. She provided exemplars and structure for a safe environment that made critiques beneficial, insightful, and articulate."

Susan Irish
Student Testimonials

What a privilege it is to be here...

"I am like a child in a candy store eating and enjoying all the signs and flavors. What a privilege it is to be here surrounded by amazing artists and a gem of a woman guiding all of us through our separate journeys."

Donna DeLorenzo
Student Testimonials

Each of our voices are heard and gently guided.

"You have created an atmosphere where each of our voices are heard and gently guided. You have an ability to listen intently to our ramblings, our concerns, our vision while you also offer specific, detailed suggestions to help us focus on our voices and how to clearly express them. I most appreciate your support and gentle nudging."

Beau Wild
Student Testimonials

The retreat was superb.

"The retreat was superb. I feel I gained a lot of things to think about and that perhaps is the most important thing. Everyone was so professional in work and behavior and yet what fun we had."

Toni Slick
Student Testimonials

Working alongside such talented artists always inspires me.

"Your workshop was really helpful to me in fine tuning and updating my Artist Statement to read more clearly. Also working alongside such talented artists always inspires me to create some of my best current works; I take new risks and I leave very satisfied for exposing my soul in my work!"

Martha Jo Mahoney
Artist Retreats

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Through focused one-on-one sessions and insightful group critiques and discussions, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your artistic intent, and strengthen your craft—regardless of what medium you’re working in.